Is Drivetrain available on the AppStore?

Drivetrain 2 is about to submitted to the AppStore.

Which versions of Transmission is it compatible with?

Drivetrain requires Transmission 2.40 or later.

How does Drivetrain get its information?

Drivetrain uses the Remote Access that is built-in to Transmission. Simply turn it on in the preferences in Transmission & set a username, password. It is recommended that the computer running Transmission be given a static IP, so that Drivetrain can always find Transmission.

Do I need to have a particular port open?

Yes, the port you needed open on your router/firewall (for external access) depends on the settings you have in Transmission. The default port number is 9091.

Do I need to enter my password every time like the web interface?

No, once you have set it in the settings that's it. Its a set and forget arrangement.

Is there a manual for Drivetrain?

It will be available by the time Drivetrain is available.

Does Drivetrain work with 3G?

Yes, Drivetrain works over WiFi, 3G and Edge.

Have a question not answered here?

Just send an email to We will do our best to help you.

Can I request features for the next version of Drivetrain?

Yes you can by sending an email to All feedback will be considered for future versions.